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Orthodontics is a branch of stomatology that deals with treatment of malocclusion and their correction with the use of dental braces.

Orthodontics is a branch of stomatology dealing with treatment of malocclusion and its’ correction with the use of dental braces. A beautiful smile is a sign of health and beauty! If you think that your smile doesn’t reflect your inner self, schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Gdansk and let’s talk about how We can help you improve your quality of life and well-being.

Most orthodontic treatment is limited to alignment of teeth according to the rules of biomechanics, in order to improve occlusal contact and aesthetics. Orthodontics can also have an impact on the development of the facial part of the cranium and teeth. Bringing back balance to the masticatory system through elimination of malocclusion has a beneficial impact on multiple aspects of the patient’s health. Remember! You’re always the right age to begin orthodontic treatment.

Your first consultation will include taking diagnostic impressions, taking intraoral and extraoral photographs, and preparing referrals for x-rays. During the following visit a treatment plan will be laid out. A full and appropriate orthodontic diagnostic includes the following:

  • medical history
  • orthopanthomograpic photo
  • cephalometric photo i.e. side of the skull
  • diagnostic models
  • photographic documentation

Depending on the medical needs We use either fixed or removable dental braces.

FIXED BRACES consisting of rings cemented on the molars, brackets glued to the teeth, ligatures and arches. The brackets of the braces differ in material they’re made out of and therefore also in color. You can choose between metal, gold-plated and the aesthetic ceramic brackets. On average, treatment lasts between several months and up to 3-4 years. Follow-up control visits should take place every 6-8 weeks of treatment, depending on medical needs. Active elements such as arches, clasps, rubbers, chains and springs are replaced during control visits.

REMOVABLE BRACES are used when treating children and young patients. The use of these appliances effectively corrects malocclusion, and through the use of screws and clasps the forces used inside the mouth are activated. Various modifications of removable braces are utilized depending on the type of treated malocclusion, and control visits usually take place every 4 weeks.

WIDE-ARCH BRACES are usually attached to rings cemented on the molars. Most often used as one of the stages of orthodontic treatment.

ORTHODONTIC TRAINER can correct bad musculo-functional habits such as: infantile swallow pattern, incorrect pattern of breathing and other parafunctions. Every force acting upon the teeth is an orthodontic force, with the potential of causing the movement of teeth. Ruling out such dysfunctions is beneficial for the correct alignment of developing teeth.


1 Consultation 150 PLN
2 Diagnostic models and photos 200 PLN
3 Diagnosis and treatment plan 250 PLN
4 Fixed braces, partial (1 arch) 1400 PLN
5 Fixed braces, metal (1 arch) 2300 PLN
6 Fixed braces, metal (1 arch) rhodium plated (1 arch) 2800 PLN
7 Fixed braces, crystal (1 arch) 3300 PLN
8 Fixed braces, metal, self-ligating (1 arch) 3600 PLN
9 Fixed braces, crystal, self-ligating (1 arch) 4600 PLN
10 Control of treatment with fixed braces (1 arch) 180 PLN
11 Control of treatment with fixed braces (2 arches) 260 PLN
12 Removal of fixed braces + retention (1 arch) 750PLN
13 Control of retention treatment 150 PLN
14 Fixed retainer 500 PLN
15 Retainer repair 150 PLN
16 Single-arch removable braces 900 PLN
17 Double-arch removable braces 1300 PLN
18 Control of treatment with removable braces 140 PLN
19 Plate/retention rail 600 PLN
20 Wide-arch braces 450-1400 PLN
21 Control of treatment with wide-arch braces 150 PLN
22 Treatment support braces 300-1500 PLN
23 Invisalign qualification 150 PLN
24 Control visit in treatment with Invisalign braces free
25 Invisalign Viver retention braces (1 arch) 1500 PLN
26 Invisalign Viver retention braces (2 arches) 2500 PLN
27 INVISALIGN 4000-16000 PLN

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